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Where You Need to Have a First Aid Kit

Where You Need to Have a First Aid Kit

Picture this: You are going about your daily routine (errands, work, commute, etc.) when suddenly, someone near you gets hurt – quick, get the First Aid Kit! The fact of the matter is, accidents happen more than we would like them to, and they can happen anywhere. We trip, we slip, we fall, or we are in the wrong place at the wrong time. We can hurt others and ourselves by accident, and that is why it is so important that we know how to treat all kinds of ‘ouchies!’ Of course, the best way we can be prepared for accidents and emergencies is with the assistance of a first aid kit. Bandages, anti-septic wipes, scissors, basic medication, gloves, gauze, compresses… the list goes on! In order to have these items at the ready, we need to have a First Aid Kit in a place that can be easily accessed! Here is where you need to have a First Aid Kit (and more owning more than one)!


Home - First Aid KitAt Home

Whether you live with your children, aging parents, or on your own, a great number of accidents happen in the home. We are most comfortable there and let our guard down. When this happens we make mistakes – this is when accidents happen. It is not uncommon to cut our hand with a knife, burn ourselves on the stove, be stung by a bee, or miss the nail and hit the hammer on our fingers. For any ailment at home, most non-serious injuries can be treated with the items found in a first aid kit! Store your first aid kit in an easy to reach and accessible location so that when accidents happen, it is nearby!

Note: Be sure that it is out of the way of small hands, where medications and scissors may become a danger!


At WorkWork - First Aid Kit

No matter where you work – a desk in an office, a local coffee shop, or a construction site – having a first aid kit will help you be prepared for workplace injuries. Some injuries may be minor (such as a paper cut or a hot water burn), but others can be more serious. When injury in the workplace occurs, ensure that your entire team is aware of the location of the first aid kit. When responding in an emergency situation, time is precious and should not be wasted searching for a first aid kit hidden deep in a drawer. Keep your first aid kit in a noticeable place and have signs and markings to identify its location. Among the chaos of an emergency, a first aid kit should always be easily found and easily accessible!


Travel Bag - First Aid KitIn Your Travel Bags

Whether you are an adventurous individual who likes to hike in the mountains, or one who likes to bring a good book to the beach, a first aid kit should be at hand! It is not always smart to rely on your accommodations to provide a first aid kit (who knows, they may have just used all the bandages!), and instead one should be brought with you wherever you travel. Pack a small first aid kit along to keep in the rental car, your hiking backpack, or your beach bag. You never know when someone may require bandages, infectious waste bags, or splinter forceps! As they say when traveling, “better safe than sorry!”


In the VehicleVehicle - First Aid Kit

We hope that we will never have to pull over to the side of the road and find an overturned vehicle. But if the situation arises, will you have the tools you need to assist someone while waiting for emergency personnel? Having a first aid kit in the car could be just the thing to save a life. If someone’s vehicle has rolled, a person has been hit by a car, or an accident occurred in a rural area, having those few items can make a huge difference. In addition to having a first aid kit, it is essential that you attain the skills to use it! If a person had a piece of metal stuck in their leg, would you know what to do? (Hint: most likely you would not remove it!). Taking a First Aid Course teaches you the necessary skills to assist in different emergency scenarios and what items are most useful. Sign up today so you know what to do!


Handbag - First Aid KitIn Your Handbag/Backpack/Gym Bag

If you take a bag with you on your daily routine, it is a wonderful idea to have a small first aid kit within it. Although you may not have room to fit an entire kit, having some of the essentials is a great start! There are many small pockets in bags that are perfect to store bandages, Advil, safety pins, packaged antiseptic towlettes, and even a keychain pocket mask for CPR! Be prepared anywhere you go, and one day someone may thank you for thinking ahead!


When considering where to put your First Aid Kit, take a look at your daily routine. The places where you come into contact with people are the best places to have a first aid kit! At First Edition First Aid Training Inc. there are a number of different first aid kits to choose from. Depending upon your needs, you may need the most basic first aid kit (compact for your car), the first aid kit that has it all (great for on the job), or one in between (perfect for the home)! Consider where you will be storing your First Aid Kit and let that guide your decision!

Order yours right away and be prepared for any accidents and emergencies that life may throw at you!