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Do You Need Patient Consent for First Aid?

First aid is a crucial aspect of emergency medical care. It can be everything from helping an unconscious person to putting a bandaid on a small wound.   As first aid is sometimes performed by members of the public, it raises the question:   Can a bystander administer assistance to someone in need without explicit…

7 Common First Aid Mistakes

First aid is a critical skill that can truly mean the difference between life and death.   However, first aid is often misunderstood or performed incorrectly, which can sometimes do more harm than good.    Understanding the most common first aid mistakes people make by recognizing and correcting these mishaps, so we can all become…

What to Do if You’re Choking and Alone

Being familiar with what to do if you’re choking and alone is critical, considering the speed with which this situation can turn dangerous.    The reality is, you might not always have someone around to assist you when choking occurs. That’s why it’s imperative to learn how to act quickly and effectively when you’re alone…

Debunking 5 Mental Health Myths

Mental health is an important topic that deserves more attention than it currently receives.    Unfortunately, there are many stigmas and misconceptions surrounding mental illness that can make it difficult for people to seek help and support.    That’s why today, in honour of Mental Health Awareness Month, we are debunking some common and ill-informed…

Who You Gonna Call? Teaching Your Kids How to Make 911 Calls

If you’re a parent, your first order of business is keeping your children safe. You teach them how to cross the street, how to look both ways before crossing, and how to stay away from strangers.    But what about teaching them how to make 911 calls?    Knowing how to properly call for help…