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Do First Aid Kits Expire?

We all know that first aid kits are a crucial component of ensuring that you’re prepared for an emergency, from life-threatening to a scraped knee. But, what’s the point of having a well-stocked first aid kit if the contents inside aren’t functioning properly?    The truth is that indeed, first aid kits expire. Here’s why:…

CPR For Drowning: Is It Different?

Spring break is less than a week away – who’s going on vacation?!    A report released by the Canadian Red Cross “found that the most frequent activities for immersion deaths are now aquatic, including swimming and wading. This is followed by boating, especially fishing”.    If you will be doing any of these activities…

How Does A Barrier Device Protect You From Mouth-To-Mouth CPR?

Have you ever been watching an emergency scene in a movie with a stranger giving mouth-to-mouth CPR and thought to yourself, “Well, that seems risky. What about germs?!” You’re not alone. While medical dramas showcase the life-saving power of CPR, they often neglect to address the elephant in the room – how do you protect…

Which First Aid Course Should I Take?

First Aid Courses are recommended regardless of age, skill, or industry. However, the first aid course that you should take is dependent on your lifestyle. While injuries and emergencies can happen at any time, in any place, to anyone, some lifestyles have more risk, which requires a higher level of first aid skill and knowledge.…

Why First Aid is Important in our Communities

We generally spend most of our time either at home or in our community, so there is a good chance that first aid skills will come in handy at some point. This makes basic first aid training and knowledge important to have since injury and illness can happen to anyone, at any time.    Benefits…