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If You Have First Aid, Do You Have to Help?

Knowing first aid is a big responsibility. When it comes to emergencies in Canada, many people question, “If you have first aid, do you have to help?”    It’s important to understand what being trained in first aid means for you and what the law says about helping others if you have it. Understanding how…

​​What Is Emergency First Aid (& Is It Enough For the Workplace)?

First aid is a critical component of safety in any workplace. When accidents happen at work, effective first aid measures can truly be the difference between life and death.    But is basic emergency first aid enough to keep a workplace safe?   Today, we’ll be explaining emergency first aid, what it entails, and how…

8 First Aid Procedures You Should NEVER Do

There’s a ton of first aid advice out there… and not all of it’s good. Some of it can even make things worse.   We’re here to clear up some of the biggest mix-ups about what first aid procedures you should and shouldn’t do when you’re trying to help.   #1. Perform a Tracheotomy You’ve…

What is a First Aider & What is Their Role in an Emergency?

A first aider who is trained to make timely decisions in emergencies can save lives. Understanding the role of a first aider helps prepare individuals to respond effectively in crisis situations and emphasizes the importance of basic medical training in everyday life.    In this article, you will learn the qualifications and skills of a…

Sports Injuries: First Aid Tips for Athletes & Coaches

Every athlete and coach knows that sports injuries are an unwelcome part of the game. From the little to the big leagues, being prepared to respond to and treat a sports injury can make a significant difference in the player’s recovery and safety.    This article will cover the most common sports injuries, first aid…