Psychological First Aid Training – Caring for others

Take care of yourself and learn how to be there for friends and family during challenging times.

Taught by a certified Red Cross Instructor, our online Psychological First Aid Training – Caring for Others course will assist learners in developing a personal understanding of the effects of stress, loss, trauma, and grief in others in relation to caring for others, with emphasis on self-care and personal protection. The course will introduce learners to the Red Cross ‘Look, Listen, Link, Live’ model, and through it they will learn how to support others in coping with various types of stress.

Psychological First Aid Training complements workplace wellness programs and teaches groups how to care for others by creating a compassionate and non-judgmental work environment.

Note: This 45-90 minute online course is available as a stand-alone course, or as part of the Psychological First Aid full course. It can also be taken in combination with Psychological First Aid – Self-Care course to supplement the First Aid Wellness Training.

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how to recognize when someone is in distress


responsibly without judgement or assumption


others as they cope with stress



What will you learn?

With an emphasis on caring for others, this online course for mental health and wellbeing will teach you to understand the effects of stress, loss, and grief using the Red Cross model: Look, Listen, Link, and Live.

You will receive a printable certificate upon completion of the course.

This course is divided into two modules:

Module 1: Intro to Psychological First Aid and Helping Responsibly

  • Psychological First Aid Who, When, and Where
  • Additional Care and Psychological First Aid Providers
  • What is Excluded from Psychological First Aid?
  • How to Help Responsibly
  • Preparing for Psychological First Aid Within Different Cultures
  • How to Practice Self-Care

Module 2: How People are Affected by Crisis

  • Grief and How it is a Reaction to Loss
  • Types of Stress and Traumatic Stress
  • Groups who Require Special Attention
  • Factors that Affect how Children and Youth Respond to Crisis
  • Risk Factors for Children, Those with Health Conditions, Diverse Abilities, and the Elderly
  • Those at Risk of Discrimination or Violence

Who is this course for?

This self-directed course is designed for anyone and everyone looking to develop the skills necessary to help others cope with stress. Psychological First Aid Training teaches individuals how to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and foster a positive environment and culture of care in their workplace. These skills will also promote self-care practices and promote healthy wellbeing in individuals.

Go at your own pace!

This course is adaptable to all ages, including youth, staff, and professional emergency responders. Must be 14 years of age or older.



This course is exclusively online and costs $20.00 per certification.

We offer a 10% discount for groups of 8 or more participants.


To register, use the form below to request admission into the online course. We will set you up with your login and send you your course materials.

Note: If signing up as an individual, course material will be available Thursdays of every week.