Psychological First Aid Training – Self Care

Recognize, cope, and prevent stress.

Taught by a certified Red Cross Instructor, our online Psychological First Aid Training – Self Care course assists learners in developing a personal understanding of the effects of stress, loss, trauma, and grief, with emphasis on self-care and personal protection. In this course, learners will be introduced to the Red Cross ‘Look, Listen, Link, and Live’ model, and through it they will learn how to cope with the effects of various types of stress.

Psychological First Aid Training will teach individuals healthy self-care and personal protection practices through audience-specific, case-based learning. Each course is tailored specifically to the individual.

*Note: This 45-90 minute online course is available as a stand-alone course, or as part of the Psychological First Aid full course. It can also be taken in combination with Psychological First Aid – Caring for Others course to supplement the First Aid Wellness Training.

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a personal understanding of stress


the effects of stress


a self-care action plan


yourself and practice self-care

What will you learn?

With an emphasis on self-care and personal protection, this online course for mental health and wellbeing will teach you to understand the effects of stress, loss, and grief using the Red Cross model: Look, Listen, Link, and Live.

You will receive a printable certificate upon completion of the course.

This course outlines:

  • Types of Stress, Burnout, and Compassion Fatigue
  • The Cycle and What to Look For
  • Listen to Yourself: Day to Day Stress Assessment and Cumulative Stress Assessment
  • Types of Support Systems
  • Sort the Protective Factors
  • Why it Matters
  • Self-Care Preparation and How to Prepare Yourself
  • Prevention and Coping Strategies
  • Return to Living and a Self-Care Plan


Who is this course for?

This self-directed course is designed for anyone interested in learning self-care practices and strategies that promote healthy psychological wellbeing. Psychological First Aid Training aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health in a compassionate and non-judgemental manner, inspiring individuals to take better care of themselves and reach out when needed.

Go at your own pace!

This course is adaptable to all ages, including youth, staff, and professional emergency responders. Must be 14 years of age or older.



This course is exclusively online and costs $20.00 per certification.

We offer a 10% discount for groups of 8 or more participants.


To register, use the form below to request admission into the online course. We will set you up with your login and send you your course materials.

Note: If signing up as an individual, course material will be available Thursdays of every week.