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Student School First Aid Program

Our activity-based Student First Aid Program was designed so that students of every age level has the opportunity to learn valuable first aid skills. First aid training creates strong responsible students who are part of a larger community. The program not only gives them first aid tools, but the confidence to step up when an emergency situation arises.

The Student First Aid Program is:

  • Taught onsite in each of your classrooms
  • Customizable to your scheduling and curriculum requirements (typically 1.5hr blocks per class)
  • Tailored to what is important to your students and community

Levels 1-3 are designed for Grade 2, Grades 3-4 and Grades 5-6. Each level increases the level of training and involvement for the students.  With the booking of Level 1-3 training(s) we will include a free 30 minute introduction to First Aid for your Kindergarten/Grade 1 class plus a First Aid Kit to keep as our gift to you!

Level 4 is designed for Grade 7 and up. By grade 7, we encourage students to become certified in the Red Cross Emergency First Aid certification program including CPR and AED training.

Our goal is to deploy our program into each classroom of the school, educating each student with lifesaving skills. However, we can work class-by-class if required.


The Student First Aid Program includes:

  • Certified, experienced instructors
  • All the necessary equipment for the successful completion of the program.

First Edition First Aid Training Inc. is your Canadian one-stop shop for lifesaving first aid training and defibrillators. With over 15 years of experience offering workplace first aid/ CPR training and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), our vision is to create a HeartSafe environment by providing people with the confidence to respond in an extraordinary moment. First Edition First Aid training is committed to providing exceptional customer service, professionalism and enthusiastic hands on instruction.


  • Is it safe?
  • Knowing when it’s an emergency and how to call 911
  • Know your address and phone number
  • Understanding AED and First Aid Kit locations in school

The goal is to have the students understand when safety hazards are present (and to not enter if they are), and to find help. In addition, gaining the understanding to locate someone first prior to calling 911, and if no one can be located and they person is not awakening or answering, to call 911.



  1. Is it safe?
  2. Knowing when it’s an emergency and how to call 911
  3. Locating and retrieving First Aid Kit and AED in school if needed
  4. Recovery position / Direct pressure

The objective in level 2 is to focus on all concepts from level 1, but also locating the First Aid Kit and AED that are in the school and bringing it back if ever necessary. In addition, bringing all concepts together (Is it safe? Find help, locate First Aid Kit/AED if sent, and call 911).



  1. Focus on finding help and calling 911 if necessary
  2. Knowing when it’s an emergency
  3. Find a First Aid Kit and AED
  4. Specific scenarios (that are commonly encountered)
    1. Recovery position
    2. Direct pressure
    3. Cleaning and bandaging wounds
The objective in level 3 is bringing levels 1 and 2 concepts together; the main focus is preparing supplies or equipment required for that type of injury or emergency. The scenario activity will identify certain situations (not awake/answering, bleeding, break/injury, epi-pen, inhaler/puffer etc). The goal in level 3 is for the students to participate in common scenario activities, understanding how to help with each one, understanding what supplies and equipment is required for the specific event presented to them. The goal is to also encourage students to be confident in helping others and to want to further enhance their First Aid skills under the level 4 program.



The objective is to have students interested in attending a First Aid course, CPR/AED, Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid (12 and up) and the Stay Safe program (9 and up). The goal is to become Red Cross Certified in one of the courses listed.


Contact  us to inquire about this outstanding program, we look forward to training with you